Student left in tears after accidentally submitting school paper with provocative title

A student was caught on camera hysterically crying after she accidentally turned in a school paper with an inappropriate title.

On Oct. 27, TikTok user @hanspoet shared a clip of her roommate Susan breaking down in tears. The user walks into Susan’s room, only to find the girl sitting on the floor and wailing.

“What did you do?” the user asks.


don’t worry I gave her a hug after and her professor let her resubmit ❤️ ##college ##friends

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But Susan, clearly distraught, struggles to answer the question.

“What am I supposed to do?” she asks. “Can you, like, resubmit something on [the classroom app] Blackboard?”

The user then pans the camera over to Susan’s computer screen, which shows the latter’s midterm paper. Upon zooming in on the essay, the user reveals the unfortunate title: “stupid f***ng paper that has no meaning.”

The clip ends with the user trying to stifle her laughter as Susan continues to freak out.

“This is not funny,” Susan says. “I’m so sad.”

The user’s clip has since gone viral, receiving over 617,000 likes and 5,000 comments.

“As a teacher, I would die laughing if any of my students did this,” one person wrote in response.

“Don’t change it! Paper titles are suppose to draw the reader in,” another joked. “This is perfect!”

So, what happened next?

Fortunately, for Susan, everything ended up working out.

The next day, the student took to @hanspoet’s account to share an update. Susan apparently wrote an email to her professor, apologizing for the mishap.

“This morning I turned in my mid-term synthesis paper and I thought I had double checked everything,” a screenshot of the email read. “After I turned it in, I realized that the title is not appropriate and not what I wanted it to be. I am very sorry and I understand that it is not appropriate.”


Pt. 2

♬ original sound – emma

Susan went on to explain that she normally writes rough drafts to help her “get started.” To her relief, her professor eventually responded and allowed her to resubmit her school paper.

Funny enough, Susan’s predicament isn’t the first time a student has regretted submitting an expletive-laden school paper. Over the years, many social media users have taken to Twitter to share their hilarious mistakes.

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