Student uses ChatGPT to write paper, gets a zero: ‘What ever happened to paraphrasing bro’

With artificial intelligence (AI) and ChatGPT making a rise in several different industries, some people are experiencing some of the downsides to using the new technology. 

Refiloe Majola (@refiloe_majola) posted a video of a term paper with a grade of zero on it because it was found to be 100% AI-generated. The video went not only went viral, but also furthered the conversation about AI and academics.

“What ever happened to paraphrasing bro,” replied @maboya_.

This may happen to several other students, as they are integrating ChatGPT into their all facets of their daily lives more. 


letting ChatGPT control a college day in my life 📚😳

♬ original sound – Liz 🐝

“Letting ChatGPT control a college day in my life,” wrote @thebeekid in her caption. She did exactly what the caption said and had ChatGPT pick her study routine, meals and workouts. 

Teachers across TikTok have also shown their methods to determine whether papers were actually written by the student. 

@lilmaverick3, who is a college history professor, shared a post of how — a site that helps her detect plagiarism — has built out its artificial intelligence detection software.


Tour of info provided to college educators in Turnitin re: AI detection #ai #chatgpt #turnitin #professor #college

♬ original sound – LilmaverickProf🤓📚

Over 10 million people viewed the video from @refiloe_majola and there were several comments teaching people how to get past detection technology. 

“Chat GPT + Grammerly + Proof Read = Unstoppable,” said @swreveyt.

“Go to and find the undetectable ai feature,” said @oageng4.

This also isn’t the first time a student has used ChatGPT and come out with a less than ideal grade. 

“Me after failing an assignment I wrote using Chat GPT,” said @okaythando while using a the viral and sarcastic, “I’m devastated” sound. 

Just like @lilmaverick3, professors are searching for different ways to catch AI-generated work.

Antony Aumann, a philosophy professor at Northern Michigan University who’s personally caught students using ChatGPT, told his plan for the future.

“Since the students would be writing their essays in class by hand, there would not be an opportunity for them to cheat by consulting the chatbot,” he said.

Other professors also mentioned the idea of using lockdown browsers or even oral exams to weed out these types of essays.

With mishaps like the one from @okaythando, online academic websites starting to scan for AI-created content, and professors leaning towards analog solutions, students could have a hard time using ChatGPT on school work in the future.

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