Teacher caught off guard by student’s appearance at class: ‘Oh my gosh’

A boarding school teacher was at a loss for words when he learned that one of his students insisted on coming to class even after getting her wisdom teeth removed.

The 18-year-old student — Rachel Hart — shared the hilarious moment in a TikTok that has since received more than 4 million times. In the clip, the unidentified teacher notices that Hart has decided to attend his virtual class.

“Oh my gosh, Rachel, I just realized, you do not have to Zoom in,” he says.


I went to my zoom class high prt 1 ##wosdomteeth ##zoom ##apes ##ComfortFood ##class ##high #funny

♬ original sound – rachel hart

Other students are taken aback by Hart’s presence, asking her if she’s “high as a kite.”

Hart, who is seen in a car, then attempts to explain her situation — albeit as best as she can (given the fact that her mouth is numb).

“I’m … with my mom, on my way back,” she says, adding that she feels okay.

When her classmates ask her why she decided to join the class after removing her wisdom teeth, Hart gives an enthusiastic reply.

“Because I want the attendance grade!” she says, making her teacher chuckle.

“You’ll be excused,” he says. “You’ll be excused.”

The clip has since drawn nearly 3,000 comments.


“The attendance grade girl I felt that in my SOUL,” another added.

“Rachel is the main character,” a third quipped.

In a follow-up TikTok that Hart posted, the teacher continues to tell her that she does not have to stay for class, even though one of her classmates says she should.

“I’ll stay for a little bit,” Hart says. “My mom says I have to go.”


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♬ original sound – rachel hart

When Hart later asks if the class is doing lab and the teacher says yes, she laments that she has to miss the class.

“Ah, it’s the worst day to miss,” she says before signing off for the day.

In a third TikTok, the class seems to get a kick out of Hart’s wisdom teeth-related cameo.

“Wow, that was awesome,” one of the students says. “That was awesome.”


prt 3 ##wisdomteethremoval ##zoom ##class ##comfortfood ##CancelTheNoise ##yikes ##apes

♬ original sound – rachel hart

“Only time it’s excusable to be high during class,” another jokes.

“That’s commitment,” a third says.

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