Art teacher swarmed by students on last day of work: ‘He made an impact on all those kids’

Elementary school students made a departing teacher’s day when they showered him with love.

TikToker @itsjoshell shared a clip of her husband, known by his students as Mr. Santos, on his last day of work as an art teacher. The educator was practically swarmed by students who wanted to send him off with warm goodbyes and hugs. 

“My husband had his last day as an art teacher, and this is how the entire school said goodbye,” she wrote in the caption. 

All of the students and teachers in the elementary school lined up on both sides of the halls. Mr. Santos made his way through the lines of excited children, who cheered, clapped and high-fived him as he walked by. 

Other students ran up to him and gave him tearful hugs. Many gave Mr. Santos goodbye artwork they had created. It’s pretty clear that the teacher was beloved by many of the students. 

“My little cousin goes to the school he used to teach at before this school, and every time she comes over, her friends FaceTime her to speak to Mr. Santos,” she wrote in the comment section. 

She added, “It was definitely eye-opening reading all the letters his kids wrote for him. They love him so much.” 

TikTokers were moved by the children’s response to the art teacher.

“This made me tear up! This is how you can see he made an impact on all those kids!” a user wrote

“Kids will grow up and will talk about an amazing art teacher they had when they were young,” another said

“I’m not built for that because I would have been SOBBING,” a person commented

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