Students share incredible dorm room transformations

College dormitories aren’t usually the most glamorous places to live in. Students are often left with bare-bones accommodations like an uninspiring wooden desk and bed frame. Worst of all, many colleges prohibit painting the walls and swapping furniture

But with a little love and a lot of creativity, a few college students on TikTok upgraded their plain rooms. 

Hadley, AKA, hadleyvertz on TikTok, turned her empty room into a place that feels like home. She placed dozens of photos behind her desk, added a neon light sign that says “hello” above her bed and a cozy comforter. 

Another student, Angelia, AKA aanggeliaa, showed what her room in a sorority house looked like after she was done with it. She placed tons of throw pillows on top of her previously empty, white bunk bed. Angelia fixed a mirror on top of her desk so that it can also serve as a vanity. Then she and her roommate put up some small photos and art pieces on the walls for a personalized touch. 

Victoria, AKA vickytoria.p, had a bit of a fixer-upper situation. A piece of her ceiling was missing and things weren’t in great condition when she arrived. To spruce things up, she put brass shelves on the wall with small plants in adorable ceramic vases. She organized her snacks in a tiny cart, added string lights above her bed and a pink sign that read, “Make today better than yesterday.” 

Kelly, AKA kellywrenee, gave her shared dorm a two-for-one makeover. The space is small but mighty. Each of the two beds has matching bedding in different colors. One has white sheets with pink accent pillows, the other is white with purple. Above each bed is a monogram of the roommates’ initials. In between the two beds is a shared vanity with two fur stools that match the fur rug. 

These resourceful students show it doesn’t take much to transform a space. A few well-placed items, organization and personality can make a huge difference.  

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