Stunned locals record footage of rare natural phenomenon

Talim Island locals shot footage of a rare triple waterspout that struck the Phillippines on May 30. Tornadic waterspouts like these are twisters that either form over the water or form on land and travel into the sea.

Residents were stunned by the three fleeting waterspouts that endured for about five minutes. Newsflare video shows community members running outside to see the tornadoes emerging from the dark, grey sky in the distance.

”There were three waterspouts. It was the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen in the sea,” a local resident named Ray Malubay told Newsflare

Tornado waterspouts are often associated with severe thunderstorms and tend to come with high winds and seas, large hail and dangerous lightning. The country’s humid climate combined with the recent thunderstorms made it easy for the waterspouts to form. 

Nevertheless, despite the potential dangers, most people were mesmerized by how beautiful the waterspouts were. The twisters were visible from multiple vantage points on Talim Island, according to Newsflare. The rare occasion meant hundreds of people flocked to roads, roofs and to the beach to see the natural wonder. 

”The sunset was beautiful and with the waterspouts it was magical,” another resident, Marie Sanga told Newsflare

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