Stuzo is the fashion brand that’s in the business of gender-free apparel

“Shop Small” is a series where we speak to founders of small businesses on how their products and services address the needs of their community.

Fashion has always proved that there are infinite ways to express oneself. Gender-fluid clothing brand, Stuzo, sends its message of gender-free clothing in every single garment.

“It’s a culmination of my upbringing in life really,” Stuzo founder Stoney Michelli tells In The Know. “Fashion and the things that you wear is a form of self-expression. It really is what’s within. As we’ve seen over the years, it’s not just male and female. There are so many other aspects of who we are.”

Shop: Black AF Sweatshirt, $50

Credit: Stuzo

Stuzo highlights several tees, sweatshirts, joggers and accessories with phrases like “boi girl,” “Yup, still gay!” and “gender-free” donned on them. The entire apparel line is offered up to a 3X. Not to mention, the brand carries a hearty amount of pro-Black products, including the “Black AF” sweatshirt. Michelli says it’s important not to judge people and things overall for your own overall happiness. One of Michelli’s pieces of clothing includes a shirt that says “Live Your Truth.” 

Shop: Live Your Truth Sweatshirt, $50

Credit: Stuzo

“It’s one of the most simplest things to do, yet it’s kind of hard sometimes for people to do.”

As a graphic designer, Michelli says that ideas for tees and shirts are always coming to her. With many people having intersectional identities, Stuzo is just one brand encouraging you to rock them all proudly.

“You’re getting a piece of my joy, which I’m happy to put into something I created every time.”

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