Former Subway employee reveals the ‘worst’ sandwich they ever made for a customer

A former Subway employee just shared the strangest, most confounding sandwich they ever made.

Twitter user @pb_and_garlic shared the story in a now-viral thread. The post, which started on July 11, explained a customer encounter @pb_and_garlic would “never forget.”

“I think about this sandwich at least once a week,” they wrote. “It haunts my nightmares.”

What followed was a story so absurd — and so full of ranch dressing — it has to be read to be believed. The post quickly drew over 145,000 likes, plus thousands of comments from outraged Twitter users.

Strangely, it’s nowhere near the first bizarre Subway order to gain this much attention. Last year, a Subway employee posted a TikTok of a customer demanding a sandwich with so much sauce it appeared to be “oozing.” Before that, a viral Reddit thread collected countless sandwich-based nightmares — including a customer asking for guacamole “without the avocado.”

The thread from @pb_and_garlic described a moment that apparently took place near dinnertime. A group of high schoolers came in, and one of them requested a footlong sandwich on white bread — with lots of cheese. She didn’t want any veggies or toppings, @pb_and_garlic said. All she wanted was ranch.

That’s when things got strange.

“So I put ranch (two lines) on her sandwich,” @pb_and_garlic wrote. “‘More please.’ I put two more lines of ranch on her sandwich. ‘More please.’ I put another two lines. Her: (visibly annoyed) ‘More than that.’ I am beginning to become concerned.

So @pb_and_garlic added more ranch. Then some more. They kept adding until the bottle literally ran out.

“You want… more than this?”@pb_and_garlic asked.

“Yeah, I’ll tell you when to stop,” the high schooler said.

They added so much ranch that the order looked more like “soup” than a sandwich. Still, the high schooler pressed on.

“I look up at her, expecting her to tell me to stop,” @pb_and_garlic wrote. “She doesn’t. She wants more.”

This continued on until @pb_and_garlic ran through another bottle. According to the Twitter user, customers were passing by the high schooler in line, seemingly appalled by her sandwich. Finally, she got enough ranch.

“She paid for that monstrosity and then sat down and ate with her friends, seemingly without incident,” @pb_and_garlic wrote. “I don’t know how. I will never understand how. If I think about it too long my mind will collapse in on itself, imagining the eldritch horror of The Worst Sandwich I Ever Made.”

Twitter users responded with shock — and sympathy for @pb_and_garlic.

“I would have needed a break after making that,” one user wrote.

I was expecting this to be a to-go sub that was some kind of prank, etc.,” another added. “Didn’t expect her to actually sit down in the restaurant and eat it. Gag.”

“Did she ask for a straw?” another joked.

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