Subway employee alarmed by customer’s outlandish order request: ‘You actually ate it?’

A pair of Subway customers are going viral for the outrageous request they made when ordering a sandwich.

That request? To have their sandwich toasted — again, and again, and again, until the store “makes [them] stop.”

The two customers, who run a popular TikTok page called The Cheeky Boyos, recorded their order in a video that now has more than 23 million views. Their clip begins with them reading a comment from another TikTok user, who suggests they try the prank.

At the restaurant, the two TikTokers ask the Subway employee to toast their sandwich once. After it comes out of the oven, they ask him to do it again.

This cycle continues several times. At first, the employee seems frustrated by the request.

“You like it extra crispy, huh?” he says after putting the sandwich in the oven for the third or fourth time. “You’ve got the fire department on speed dial, right?”


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Eventually, the employee seems to join in on the fun. By the fifth or so time he goes to the oven, he’s clearly laughing under his face mask.

“You want it more toasted?” he asks the pranksters.

The Subway worker then proceeds to prepare the rest of the sandwich, handing over a crisp, fully blackened footlong to the TikTokers. One of the Cheeky Boyos even tries the sandwich, although it crumbles apart the second he bites down.

TikTok users seemed charmed and amused by the video, with many praising the employee. Several seemed impressed at his willingness to go along with the prank.

“This dude deserves a raise,” one user wrote.

“The coolest subway employee I’ve seen,” another added.

Others, meanwhile, were more hung up on the sandwich itself.

“Umm, you actually ate it?” one user asked.

“Bro you did NOT just eat that…we ain’t ask you to do alllll that,” another added.

“I’m screaming,” another wrote.

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