TikTok user pranks Subway with ‘nothing but sauce’ sandwich order

In this Subway sandwich prank, everyone loses.

TikTok user Jimmy Darts is known for his viral stunts, which often involve making absurd requests at restaurants and retail stores.

In a recent clip, Darts goes to Subway and does exactly that. His request? A sandwich with no veggies, no meat, no cheese and no toppings whatsoever. Instead of toppings, he ordered every single sauce on the menu.

The strange order came from a TikTok follower, who suggested that Darts “go to Subway and say no to everything but get every sauce.”


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Darts’ video, which has more than 400,000 views, shows how one poor Subway sandwich maker reacted to the prank. The employee begins by asking Darts if he wants meat, cheese or a toasted sandwich.

Of course, Darts says no to everything.

“OK, what would you like?” the employee then asks.

Darts promptly requests “all of the sauces,” which seems to surprise the sandwich maker. He double-checks with Darts, then, one by one, begins adding more than a dozen different sauces to a foot-long piece of bread.

Eventually, the employee seems pretty game for the prank. He tells Darts that he thinks the sandwich is going to taste good.

In fact, it’s Darts who suffers in the end. The TikToker concludes his prank by trying the sandwich and giving an over-the-top reaction — confirming that the order tastes exactly as bad as it sounds.

TikTok users seemed both impressed and horrified by Darts’ stunt, with many calling his order “gross” or “wasteful.”

“I wasn’t expecting that reaction,” one user wrote of Darts’ response to trying the sandwich.

“I love that he made it no questions asked,” another wrote, praising the employee’s calm response.

“I thought it wouldn’t be that bad,” another added.

Darts isn’t the first TikToker to go viral for pranking Subway. Earlier this year, two users drew millions of views after requesting that their sandwich was toasted again and again — until it was basically burnt.

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