Employee exposes how Subway allegedly prepares its steak

A TikToker claiming to be a Subway employee shared a video where he allegedly exposed how the sandwich company prepares its steak.

The video comes after a string of other employees apparently sharing behind-the-scenes secrets of fast-food chains on TikTok. Users have suggested that they know how McDonald’s really makes its onions, where IHOP gets its eggs and even how Subway makes its fan-favorite tuna salad — much to the disgust and delight of millions of viewers.

User @travis2official._ only just joined TikTok at the end of February, but his recent video from his job at Subway has racked up almost 8 million views.

“Just to let y’all know how subway steak looks,” he captioned the video. “Behind closed doors.”

In the clip, travis2official._ filmed a prepackaged brick of a pale brown substance, which he then crumbled up with a gloved hand into a metal food dish.


Just to let y’all know how subway steak looks. Behind closed doors 🤢😂 #fyp #greenscreen #FreeFreeDance #viral #foryou #foryoupage

♬ original sound – CITYGURLS1

“How Subway steak come,” he added.

Commenters, naturally, reacted in disgust — with several of them begging Subway employees to stop posting what’s in the sandwiches.

“Subway employees have GOT to stop posting. I don’t need to know what’s in it,” one said.

“Wouldn’t even feed that to my dog,” another added.

Others seemed more realistic about Subway’s food preparation methods.

“Y’all expect them to have a cow in the back?” one commenter wrote.

“What do you expect for $6?” someone joked. “We know why we here.”

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