Superyacht can pierce through waves at 70 miles per hour without passengers even noticing

If you’ve got $742,000 to drop, this ultra-luxurious yacht might be for you. 

The London-based designers at Glider Yachts created what they call a superyacht. The company aims to make luxury boats that go faster and farther in turbulent weather without compromising comfort. The sleek vessel can glide over water as fast as 70 miles per hour without passengers ever noticing.

“A trip from Dubai to Abu Dhabi could be done in just over 40 minutes and Monaco to Saint Tropez can be reached in under 50 minutes,” chief designer Robert McCall told Daily Mail

It took the naval architects and designers about seven years to create the boat before it launched in 2015. The Glider Yacht uses technology similar to private jets and Formula 1 vehicles. These properties, like its stability control system, enable it to pierce through or glide over dense waves as opposed to colliding with them like other yachts.   

Passengers sit at the top of the boat where they can enjoy its customized, opulent interiors while sipping cocktails

“You can travel to your destination without spilling a drop of champagne,” McCall told Daily Mail. “The shallow draft of the boat means that you can access out of reach bays and beach landings, meaning you will be sure to turn heads when you get to shore.”

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