This men’s grooming brand is challenging the norms of your standard razor

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If you’ve ever shaved — your legs, your armpits, your face, anything — odds are you’re used to using a multi-blade razor. Traditionally, this type of razor gives you a closer shave — and who doesn’t want that?

However, there are downsides to multi-blade razors. In order to get that close shave, you need to get below the surface of the skin, which naturally causes irritation, discomfort and ingrown hairs. It’s a recipe for disaster.

That’s where Supply comes in. The men’s grooming company is on a mission to make single-blade razors popular again after decades of brands telling consumers that the more blades, the merrier.

“[Our razor] is a single-blade razor, which is very much in contrast to what the other guys are doing,” Supply CEO and co-founder Patrick Coddou told In The Know.

Coddou previously used multi-blade razors, but like many other men, he found that this type of razor gave him a “red, irritated neck” every time he used it.

Eventually, he discovered an “old way of shaving called safety razors,” which “use a single replaceable blade.” This new razor cleared up all of Coddou’s issues, and he was hooked.

“I kind of fell in love with this new style of shaving,” he explained.

With his company Supply and its signature razor, Coddou — who has a background in aerospace engineering — has designed “a modern version of this old style of shaving.” It’s sleek, it’s effective and, with durability that’s meant to last a lifetime, it’s much better for the environment than plastic, disposable razors.

Supply sells razors, skincare items and more. Check out the company’s website to view all of the products it has to offer.

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