TikTok dumbfounded by user’s ‘sushi bread’ creation: ‘Disgusting’

One TikToker is on a mission to prove that literally any food can be turned into bread. 

Most of TikTok user jojosinz’s videos have ironic commentary and follow a similar formula. He takes unconventional foods, adds a few bread-making ingredients, then asks his users a simple question, “Will it bread?”

The home chef is usually able to achieve bread status, but whether or not the flavor is good is another story. 

Like the time Jojo made a loaf out of a McRib sandwich. He took the contents of the sandwich, folded it into bread dough and baked it. On the outside, it looked like a small, unassuming mount of bread, but on the inside, well … Inside, the McRib contents migrated to one side of the loaf.

“I was kind of taken aback by the inside of this. I was genuinely frightened,” Jojo said

One of his most popular loaves was also one of his most-requested: a Sour Patch Kid bread. Jojo packed some dough with colorful candies. After he baked the bread, it resembled a small fruit cake. 

“If I’m being honest I was pretty disappointed in this loaf. It looked kind of disgusting,” he said

Another fan-favorite was his sushi roll bread. Jojo combined eight pieces of California roll sushi, added bread flour, yeast, water, wasabi, pickled ginger and soy sauce. 

“Not gonna lie. I was slightly disappointed by how this turned out. The yeast really just said no,” Jojo remarked about the thin loaf. “It actually was fine just like regular bread with some chunks of flavor. Flavor was about five out of ten.” 

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