Suspension bridge swings out of control in terrifying footage

Strong winds have wreaked havoc on China’s bridges. 

A suspension bridge was left flapping in the wind in the southwestern province of Guizhou on May 3. The mountainous region has numerous suspension bridges like this one, each connected with steel cables, including Beipanjiang Bridge — the highest in the world at 1,850 feet. 

Footage showed a car pulling up to one entry point of the bridge as a storm’s turbulent winds pushed and pulled the entire structure from side to side. It was impossible to cross. At one point, the bridge appeared to be completely flattened as it whipped around in the inclement weather. A shot of the aftermath showed almost all of the side railings of the bridge had completely collapsed. 

The cable bridge will need repairs before it is functional again. But this wasn’t the only suspension bridge in China that could have ended in disaster that week. 

On May 7, the glass-bottom of a 260-meter high suspension bridge in Longjing City in the Jilin province fell off, leaving a tourist clinging to the railing for dear life. The bridge at the Piyan Mountain Cultural Tourism Scenic Area appeared to malfunction when it was hit with record-high winds at 93 miles per hour. Fortunately, a team of rescuers was able to save the stranded tourist. 

“There were no casualties. After being kept in the hospital for observation, the trapped person was in stable emotional and physical condition and has been discharged from the hospital,” authorities said in a statement, according to CNN

The bridge will be further inspected before it can reopen to visitors. 

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