Sustainable fashion student upcycles soda cans and bottle caps in designs

This fashion student is turning old soda cans into glitzy and glamorous clothing. 

Designer Jackie Wolf-Schmidt attends the Art Institute of Chicago. As she refines her skills in school, Wolf-Schmidt is taking a sustainable approach to fashion. Her bold, eclectic designs are made of recycled yarn and feature hand-crafted embellishments and fabrics made from yesterday’s trash. 

Back in 2021, Wolf-Schmidt dropped her aluminum can collection. She used old cans of La Croix and other beverages to add pops of color, texture and movement to her pieces. The finished product — a jacket, jeans and vest — were runway-ready but only after some grueling work. 

“Fellow fashion student here!!! I can’t even imagine how long this took you!” someone commented on the clip, which has 1.3 million views. 

“This is SO COOL! Thank you for saving and repurposing all these items. It turned out great!” another said

“Keep going with this. It’s absolutely brilliant!” a person wrote

Wolf-Schmidt must cut hundreds of cans into tiny pieces for each of her designs, like this chic knitted dress. Then she has to sew the pieces back together to create a cohesive look. 

The artist works tirelessly on her projects by knitting and sewing seemingly whenever she has a spare moment — whether it’s in her studio or on a plane

But cans and recycled yarn aren’t her only medium. Another notable work of Wolf-Schmidt’s is her avant-garde red dress made of 400 used plastic bags. 

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