Little girl dubbed ‘princess’ after flock of swans follow her every step

A little girl’s interaction with a group of swans looked like it was straight out of a Disney movie

If only our run-ins with wildlife were as wistful as birds and mice dressing Cinderella or squirrels and chipmunks cleaning with Snow White. One toddler had quite the whimsical interaction with a flock of swans and viewers were taken with her. TikTok mom Amy frequently vlogs about life with her daughter Riley. 

One day, Amy took Riley out to a loch filled with swans. Dressed in a yellow duck onesie, Riley became fast friends with the birds. People have now dubbed the toddler a “princess” because of her seemingly magical effect on the animals. 

“This was a very special moment. After Riley fed her friends, they all followed her round the loch,” Amy wrote in the video caption. 

Riley sprinkled a box of food into a spot where a bunch of the swans had swum to. Then as the little girl walked near the edge of the loch, the swans began to follow her. 

“Hi, duck,” Riley said. “Come with me. Are you following me? Hi, friend.” 

The ducks appeared to line up as they trailed Riley around the perimeter. The toddler looked happy to oblige them and take the lead.

“She thought they were coming home her,” the mother said

The adorable video received over 6.1 million views, as many were smitten with Riley. 

“A swan princess,” one person declared

“She’s a Disney princess,” another said

“This is so wholesome, what an angel,” a user commented

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