What is the Sway House? A guide to one of TikTok’s top creator collectives

Gen Z talent is flocking to TikTok and using the social media platform in interesting ways. Most recently, creators are forming collectives like Sway House and Hype House where they can live and work together.

Of the major TikTok collectives, Sway House is earning a reputation as a bunch of fratty, reckless bad boys.

Here’s everything you need to know about the renegades of TikTok.

What is the Sway House?

Just like Hype House, Sway House is a TikTok creator collective. Founded in January 2020 by TalentX Entertainment, a talent management group, Sway House functions similarly to Hype House. It’s a group of TikTok influencers residing in a mansion together so they can collaborate on content and cross-promote their brands. 

However, according to Elite Daily, Sway is Hype’s, “mischievous younger brother” while Interview Magazine dubbed it the “Gen Z problem child.”

Let’s just say, there’s a lot of antics.

Who are the members of the Sway House? 

Bryce HallBlake GrayNoah BeckAnthony Reeves and Kio Cyr are the current members. 

Which members have left the Sway House?

Quinton Griggs, Griffin JohnsonJaden Hossler and Josh Richards were once a part of the group, but recently announced their departure.

Hossler and Richards said they would be leaving to pursue their music careers on May 30, 2020. The news came after Hossler was arrested on drug charges while driving cross-country during the pandemic

“Hello everyone, please know how grateful I am for you all. Music has saved my life and I’m sure it has for many of you. With that, I have decided to dedicate my time and efforts to that side of my career. Josh and I have decided to take a hiatus from Sway,” Hossler wrote on Twitter. “We are excited for what’s to come and thank you all for your support!”

Then in July, Griggs said he would be leaving for seemingly vague reasons

“We’re always doing stupid s***, getting ourselves in trouble. I mean, we’re just a group of guys — we’re a frat,” he said in an interview. “I just want to make sure my brand stays safe.” 

It was later revealed that Johnson would be joining Griggs in leaving Sway House to move into another TalentX collective for gamers called SwayGaming House, according to the Hollywood Reporter

Where is the actual Sway House?

TalentX and Triller, a TikTok rival app that many Sway House members are on the board of, funds their housing. Most members reside in a 7,800-square-foot mansion in Bel-Air. But soon after their arrival in the quiet neighborhood, residents complained, earning them their “frat boy” reputation. 

Sway House members played loud music, left their garage, full of Amazon boxes, wide open and allowed trash to fill their sidewalk, according to the New York Times

Following, the less than flattering profile, Hall and a couple of friends moved to Hollywood Hills, while the remaining members stayed at the mansion. 

Is Sway House feuding with Hype House?

While Hall has insisted there isn’t any feud, some actions have suggested otherwise.

There’s no beef with Hype House,” Hall said in a YouTube vlog. “Everyone is making it this thing like, Hype House versus Sway House. There’s like 16 people in that house. There’s no room for us.”

But Hall once challenged Hype House co-founder Thomas Petrou to a boxing match. Petrou notably declined. Then Hall dropped a diss track with Richards about Hype House member Chase Hudson (Lil Huddy). 

If you found this story interesting, read up on the Hype House.

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