TikTok is obsessed with these ‘sweatproof ‘ padded T-shirts: ‘I need this!’

TikTok is obsessed with an innovative sweatproof T-shirt, thanks to a viral video.

For some, excessive sweating, a condition known as hyperhidrosis, can feel like a burden. While it’s completely healthy and normal for humans to sweat to regulate the body’s temperature, it’s not exactly comfortable to feel sticky and stinky. So it’s no surprise that a video with a solution for those who are prone to sweat through their clothes went viral on TikTok


Reply to @ihaveanitaliangirlfriend people when they find out how much sweat our underarm pad can absorb #hyperhidrosischeck

♬ I think you dropped something my JAW – marineamor_

In the clip by @socialcitizen.shop, a woman poured a cup of water onto the armpit area of a white T-shirt on a hanger. The underarm of the shirt had a built-in pad that seemed to absorb all of the water magically. None of the liquid appeared on the exterior of the shirt. It was almost as if it had disappeared. 

TikTokers definitely felt like there was a demand for such a product, and the video racked up over 4 million views. 

“I need the whole store. Where have you been my whole life?” a user said

“I definitely need this. I even sweat when it’s cold,” another commented

“I need this! I’ve ruined so many tops with sweat stains, and I’ve even Botoxed my armpits twice to help reduce sweating,” someone added

It turns out the top is from Social Citizen. The brand specializes in sweatproof crewneck T-shirts for men and women. According to Social Citizen, “Our products have hidden pads in each underarm of the shirt. Each pad is thin and adjustable for your comfort.”

The brand’s sweatproof pad is made up of three layers. The first layer is water-resistant, the second one prevents sweat from spreading to the outside of the shirt, and the third waterproof layer is the final barrier to stop sweat in its tracks. 

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