Sweet and savory bacon desserts from TikTok

It was only a matter of time before bacon found its way firmly into dessert territory. What better way to balance the sugary sweet taste of dessert than with the salty and savory flavor of bacon? Many adventurous TikTokers are taking advantage of this delicious pairing by sharing all kinds of desserts with bacon as the key ingredient. If you’re craving some sweet and salty decadence, try these five bacon dessert recipes.

1. Chocolate-covered bacon

Almost anything covered in chocolate tastes amazing, and bacon is no exception. This recipe calls for bacon strips that are double baked for extra crispiness. After baking, dip the bacon in melted chocolate before topping with crushed toffee bits.

2. Smoked bacon-wrapped Oreos

This recipe features a classic cookie wrapped in a classic breakfast. Begin by cutting strips of raw bacon in half. Next, season the bacon with your choice of barbecue rub before placing an Oreo in the center. Wrap the bacon tightly over the Oreo. Then bake at 250 degrees Fahrenheit for approximately 50 minutes.

3. Bacon s’mores

Take your basic s’mores to the next level with bacon! This recipe features strips of bacon woven together and baked to create one large piece. After baking, cut the bacon into smaller squares. Top each bacon square with chocolate and a marshmallow. Then bake in the oven until the tops of the marshmallows start to brown. Cover with another square of bacon.

4. Keto-friendly maple bacon donuts

This donut recipe is a legend in the “baking!” Begin by making the dough from a mix of almond flour, lupin flour, salt and xanthan gum combined with eggs, sour cream, butter, monk fruit, vanilla and maple extract. Use a piping bag to transfer the batter to a donut mold. Then bake at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for about 15 minutes. Top the donuts with a glaze made from melted cream, maple syrup and heavy cream, followed by a sprinkling of crispy bacon bits.

5. Bacon ice cream sundae

For some melt-in-your-mouth bacon flavor, look no further than this recipe! Start by cooking small pieces of bacon. Next, add a few scoops of vanilla ice cream to a bowl. Then drizzle on some maple syrup, followed by the bacon bits. Top with whipped cream and enjoy!

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