Sweet throwback TikTok reveals how mom surprised her husband with baby news

Brianna and Joel Okaah are mom and dad to baby Cannon. Brianna sometimes posts moments from their family life on TikTok under the okaahfamily handle, and this July, she shared a sweet throwback clip from when Joel first found out she was pregnant

“My husband thought I got myself new shoes,” the TikTok caption says

Joel, still with duffel bags on his shoulder, looks like he’s just come home. He’s holding a Nike shoebox in the video, with a completely shocked expression on his face. Then the caption changes. 

“Until he opened the box and saw the pregnancy tests!” it reads

The new father is in complete awe. He’s smiling ear to ear as he says, “You’re lying! I’m going to be a dad?!”

The couple embraces as they share the life-changing moment. Their excitement is palpable. Thus, unsurprisingly the clip went viral on TikTok with 1.3 million views. 

“OMG! His reaction brought tears to my eyes! You just know he’s going to be a great dad. Congratulations to you both!” one user said

“Damnit. I’m crying I needed this,” another person wrote

“OK. He reacts like that and looks like that? Yes, girl!” another commented

Brianna and Joel have already welcomed their son Cannon into the world. It looks like Joel is embracing fatherhood just fine. 

“This man was made to be a dad. Watching the way Cannon loves him is genuinely one of the sweetest parts of parenthood,” Brianna wrote on Father’s Day. “Celebrating you is easy. Oh and — give me all the babies.”

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