Swiftie calls out other Taylor Swift fans for their mean girl behavior at The Eras Tour: ‘it’s just really gross behavior’ 

Taylor Swift’s long-awaited The Eras Tour is underway — and one Swiftie is calling people out on their mean girl behavior.

Content creator @melllyrios attended a show in Glendale, Arizona. After coming across videos where fans spoke about less-than-pleasant interactions with other concertgoers, she took it upon herself to address it all on TikTok.

“Alright, I’ve been holding back saying something for long enough now but now’s the time,” she begins. “And if you’re an OG Swiftie, this might not be for you. But for all of you Swifties that were born after the year 2000, listen up.”

“And I say this only because you were not around the era of Taylor Swift where this became relevant,” she adds.

@melllyrios then launches into the point of her video.

“Swifties are not mean to other Swifties for a number of reasons,” she says. “But the first reason of all is that us OG Swifties remember when Taylor Swift was getting made fun of by everyone in her hometown…but that’s when she came out with the song ‘Mean’ and invited an entire graduating class from her high school to watch her accept the award.”

“Because not only is it just gross and immature behavior — it goes against everything Taylor Swift believes in.”

According to @melllyrios, there is an unspoken rule between Swifties.

“We are not mean to each other. We do not make fun of each other. We do not comment mean things on each others’ TikToks,” she says. “Because not only is it just gross and immature behavior — it goes against everything that Taylor Swift believes in. And again, it’s just really gross behavior.”

“I will come up to you and I will say something.”

The TikToker felt compelled to create this video after seeing Swifties making fun of people’s costumes, including her own.

“On the Internet, you may be tough,” she says. “But in real life, if I go to a concert and see anybody being mean to another girl, or shooting a dirty look, or hearing this mean girl persona that you think is cute…I don’t care how old you are, even if you are 12 years old. I will come up to you and I will say something. And you will not like it.”

The Taylor Swift community, and any community for that matter, is no place for judgment, @melllyrios asserts.

“Stop being mean to people,” she says. “It’s not how we act in this community. It’s not how we should be acting in any community, and it is just a very gross and immature trait that you’re carrying right now.”

“This! I hope this goes viral. Swifties should be a safe space always.”

It seems many Taylor Swift fans in @melllyrios‘ comments agree with her sentiment.

“This! I was so shook last night when I asked someone with bracelets if they were trading and he side eyed my bracelets and said ‘not for those,'” one fan said, referencing the friendship bracelets Swifties exchange at the shows.

“Yes! I saw a video of some teenager girls making fun of a 13 year old girl for living her best life!” another wrote.

“This! I hope this goes viral. Swifties should be a safe space always,” someone replied.

No matter the genre or demographic, concerts should always be a safe and accepting space. Hopefully, @melllyrios‘ video serves as a reminder for some Swifties to keep that in mind.

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