TikTok is obsessed with this Texas animal sanctuary that lets guests swim with otters

You can actually swim with otters in Texas — and TikTok is officially obsessed. 

Travel blogger @readysetjetset stopped by Blue Hills Ranch, a 150-acre giraffe and animal sanctuary. Blue Hills Ranch is home to other animals, including mini horses, camels, zebras, bison, kangaroos, emus and mini Scottish highland cows. 

The ranch offers visitors a chance to stay in its cabins, where guests can pay $200 per person to experience the “otter swim” service. 

“There’s a ranch near Waco where you can swim with otters during their playtime. All your money goes toward caring for the animals here!” @readysetjetset said in the caption

She and a friend sat in a small pool with Asian small-clawed otters fooling around in the water. The guests were able to swim among two otters, Otto and Sweetpea, who loved to play-fight each other. The otters looked happy to interact with the women as they excitedly scurried around them in the pool.  

The video received over 2.6 million views on TikTok

Otters exhibit a characteristic love of playtime. The animals play with their food, slide to amuse themselves, and, yes, like to wrestle. It’s a low priority if food is scarce, but otters who are well taken care of tend to spend lots of time having fun. 

According to How Stuff Works, “Playtime ranks at the bottom of adult otters’ priorities, and the mustelids must ensure that they’ve satisfied their basic necessities of nutrition and shelter first. Perhaps that’s why otters who live in zoo habitats goof off so much.”

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