Swiss startup turns people into live 3D holograms

You can now turn yourself into a 3D hologram thanks to the Switzerland-based startup Imverse.

The company has created software that turns real people into holograms that can be controlled in real-time. That means the holograms would be used as avatars — kind of like in the famous Star Wars scene where Princess Leia begs for Obi-Wan Kenobi’s help via a holographic message

“You can see here a live 3D hologram of myself integrated into a built-up environment, in this case a spacecraft. Our software allows for the simultaneous capture of multiple people across different locations in real-time. This capture can be integrated into games, teleconferencing applications, education platforms,” CEO and co-founder Javier Bello told the Associated Press.

While the latest hologram technology uses depth cameras like Microsoft’s Azure Kinect, iPhones and Samsung handsets have cameras with 3D hologram capabilities that could be tapped into in the future. 

Bello envisions the technology having multiple applications including at live events, in remote learning and as a communication tool. 

“Imagine if a teacher, a professor, will explain the lesson of how plants grow in the rainforest or how the ecosystem of a desert is by really being integrated in that ecosystem, it will be a very powerful tool,” Bello told the Associated Press. 

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