Symbio Wildlife Park breaks record with 14 newborn kangaroos

There’s a baby boom at Sydney’s Symbio Wildlife Park.

Never in the park’s history has there been a more productive breeding season for its kangaroos and wallabies. Symbio celebrated the birth of a whopping 14 joeys in fall 2019, but the infants are just now emerging from their mother’s pouches to explore their habitats.

When joeys are born they’re the size of a jelly bean. They remain in their mother’s pouch for five to six months. Symbio expects the infants will begin walking as soon as they start leaving their mother’s pouches for short periods of time.

Zoo footage shows a joey poking its head out of its mother’s pouch. The baby nibbles grass and dangles its front legs outside of the pocket.

While joyous in and of itself, the births have more significance than just breaking zoo records. Due to wildlife fires in Australia in 2019, many native animals were killed.

“After last year’s drought, the timing of these births coincide with the first heavy rainfalls we received earlier in the year, which also helped extinguish many of the bushfires that plagued New South Wales,” Symbio’s Kevin Fallon told the Illawarra Mercury. “So it is only fitting that after such destruction comes such a significant sign of hope and new beginnings.”

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