TikToker Tabitha Brown shares easy avocado hack for removing the pit: ‘I’ve got to try this!’

Everyone’s favorite vegan TikToker Tabitha Brown (@iamtabithabrown) decided to test out an avocado trend that her followers kept asking her to try.

A skeptical Brown had seen people on TikTok simply pushing out an avocado seed by holding onto half an avocado and pressing the sides and back of the fruit, but she wasn’t so sure it would work for her.


So I tried it and it works! Literally just hold the sides and push the pit out from the back😱 How did I not know this 🤷🏾‍♀️ #tabithabrown #avocado

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“I’m gonna see, cause y’all know I always be cutting mine and using a knife [to remove the seed],” she said as she started to cut an avocado in half. 

Brown pushed the back of the avocado as instructed, and the pit popped right out! 

‘Shut the front door!’

“Shut the front door! You’ve gotta be kidding me. Well that’s that!” she exclaimed in pleasant shock. Brown stayed bewildered for a few moments, wondering how she had never realized removing an avocado seed could be so easy! 

“Who knew? The Internet!” she mused. Brown had been using a knife to remove avocado seeds for years! 

Many of Brown’s followers were just as surprised! 

One TikToker commented, “Where was this hack 3 weeks ago when I had to get stitches trying to get that out?” Ouch! 

Another weary avocado lover agreed, writing, “I’ve got to try this! I’ve almost taken out my whole hand with the knife getting the seed out of there.” 

An experienced user warned, “It’s got to be really ripe though or you’ll make more of a mess than it’s worth.” 

There are many ways to remove an avocado seed, some more efficient than others. Stabbing it with a knife and pulling, using a spoon to scoop it out, and digging it out with your fingers are all methods people have used in pursuit of the same goal. There are even special tools to help peel and deseed an avocado faster.

Hopefully this hack will save you some time and make the process less painful!

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