Woman praises Taco Bell worker who gave her free food after a ‘really bad’ night

A Taco Bell employee is garnering all kinds of praise thanks to one woman’s now-viral TikTok.

On Jan. 31, Annely Elizibeth (@hereforyoutowastemytime) posted the teary-eyed clip, seemingly recorded just after a difficult breakup. As she explains in the video, all she wanted was to end her “really bad” night with some Taco Bell — and the restaurant’s employees ended up giving her more help than she imagined.

It’s just the latest viral TikTok to highlight the kindness of food service workers. Recently, an Instacart driver drew praise after a Ring camera caught them taking out a customer’s trash while they were sick with COVID. Before that, an Uber Eats customer shared the handwritten letter a driver left along with her food.

Elizibeth’s experience wasn’t captured on video, but her reaction was. In her TikTok, she explains what happened when the Taco Bell employees saw her roll up to the drive-thru after her breakup.

As Elizibeth explains in the clip, Taco Bell was temporarily closed when she showed up — although the kitchen was still open for DoorDash and Uber Eats orders.

“I was like, ‘OK, I’ll wait because I’m really depressed, and all I want is Taco Bell,'” Elizibeth says.

After hearing that, the Taco Bell employee allegedly asked her what she wanted and promised to give her the food for free. He then proceeded to make her order as well as a few extra goodies — including what appeared to be a large Baja Blast.

The move clearly made Elizibeth emotional. She ended her clip by thanking the employee — who she said works at a Taco Bell in Temple Terrace, Florida — calling his act of kindness “the first step in my healing process.”

“I love you so much,” she says at the end of her clip.

TikTok users were equally emotional after hearing about the situation. Many poured into the comments to praise the employee.

“It’s the little things,” one user wrote.

“Taco Bell, you’re hiring the right kind of people,” another commented.

“Taco Bell employees are on another kind of NICE,” another added.

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