Taco Bell sparks chaos after debuting all-new vegetarian menu item

The Taco Bell vegetarian taco is here, and fast food fans have plenty of thoughts.

Taco Bell announced it was testing an all-new menu item — called the “Cravetarian Taco” — at one of its Southern California locations. It’s unclear when and where customers may be able to get the item next.

The menu announcement comes after a tornado of news surrounding Taco Bell’s vegetarian options. In 2020, the company shrank its menu due to the pandemic. Among the cuts were the chain’s potatoes, an item so beloved that some fans literally protested the change.

Potatoes have since returned to the menu, along with several other fan-favorite menu items. Given last year’s backlash, Taco Bell has announced its desire to add more vegetarian options to its menu in 2021.

Enter, the Cravetarian Taco. The vegetarian taco features a custom plant-based protein crafted from peas and Chickpeas, according to Thrillist. Otherwise, the item resembles the chain’s Crunchy Taco Supreme, featuring cheese, lettuce, tomatoes and sour cream.

The announcement sparked chaos on social media. Some customers were excited by the menu expansion and praised Taco Bell for increasing its plant-based options.

“Please keep this item!!” one user wrote. “So many of us that are plant based would LOVE more options and you’ll only benefit!!”


Meanwhile, others seemed less satisfied. Many used the opportunity to ask why Taco Bell chose to focus on vegetarian tacos instead of bringing back other beloved menu items — like Nacho Fries and Mexican Pizza.

“You know what y’all should test out in every Taco Bell nationwide? Bringing the Mexican pizza back!” one user wrote.

“You’ve made a huge mistake,” another added.

For those who live in California and do want to try the Cravetarian Taco, you can head to the Taco Bell at 14042 Red Hill Ave in Tustin, Calif. In the. meantime, the rest of us vegetarians will just have to pick the meat out of our Beefy Potato-ritos.

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