Taco Bell’s menu might be getting some major changes — and Twitter is not OK

Taco Bell is stirring a wave of online controversy over a series of “ridiculous” potential menu changes.

The news, which sent social media users into a frenzy, began when an insider posted on Reddit about a series of dishes expected to disappear in mid-August. The Reddit user, who is a verified employee at the fast-food chain, shared that many beloved items were getting the ax.

Among those cuts: All potato items, the 7-layer burrito, the spicy tostada and the triple-layer nachos. Perhaps most notably, the quesarito — a fan-favorite dish that is basically a quesadilla combined with a burrito — is also allegedly on the outs.

None of these changes have been officially confirmed by Taco Bell. However, the company did tell Insider in a statement that it is in the process of “evolving” its menu to “simplify operations.”

That information alone was enough to send Twitter users into despair, with many mourning the quesarito and other items in a series of now-viral tweets.

Taco Bell getting rid of cheesy potato grillers is proof that 2020 just keeps getting worse,” one user wrote.

“TACO BELL IM TELLING YOU! YOU BETER KEEP MY QUESERITO!!!,” another wrote, tagging Taco Bell in their demand.

Taco Bell fans were equally outraged on Reddit, with many calling the move “ridiculous” or “stupid.”

“How could they do this?” one user asked.

Others argued that the changes were harmful to vegetarians and those with gluten-free diets, as potato items were are often substituted for the chain’s wheat and meat-heavy options.

“As a vegetarian, the Bell was one of the only fast food places I could trust that’d have a ton of options readily available … If they’re totally ditching all potato items, I have no reason to go,” one Redditor wrote.

“As a person that works at Taco Bell, I can say this will basically cut our business in half. I almost want to find a new job because of how stupid these changes are. It’s like they are trying to lose customers,” another added.

If Taco Bell were to make the alleged cuts, it wouldn’t be the first fast-food chain to do so.

IHOP drastically reduced its menu last month, citing the economic impact of the pandemic. Meanwhile, McDonald’s temporarily removed salads from its menu and halted its all-day breakfast service.

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