We snagged a room at Taco Bell’s epic hotel in Palm Springs — here’s what it was like

Taco Bell opened it’s very own hotel this summer complete with poolside tacos and hot sauce packet pillows. While it was only open for a limited time in August, reservations for the hot spot sold out in a mere 2 minutes back in June — so you know it was epic.

The Bell: A Taco Bell Hotel & Resort, located in Palm Springs, California, opened Aug. 5 to Aug. 12 to some of Taco Bell’s biggest fans. Inside and out, it was Taco Bell-branded from top to bottom.

“The hotel draws on Taco Bell’s vibrant palette to create a unique and flavor-filled destination that is the ultimate expression of the brand, unlike anything the brand has done before,” Taco Bell’s Senior Director of Retail Engagement and Experience, Jennifer Arnoldt, said in a press release earlier this summer.

Luckily, In The Know was able to snag a room and now, they’re giving us a full tour of The Bell. You can see the hotel for yourself in the video above and read below for a quick rundown on everything it offered. 

“Fire Pool”

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The term “Fire Pool” was a bit misleading—there was actually no fire involved. However, it was a whopping 100-something degrees outside and there were hot sauce floaties for lounging in the pool and towels for drying off.

Hair and Nail Salon

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An on-site salon provided hairdos like braids, buns and glitter, as well as Taco Bell-themed fades for shorter cut styles. (Just imagine getting a fire emoji shaved into your head!) Guests could also get their nails done with Taco Bell’s fun designs and colors.

“Freeze Lounge”

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Taco Bell’s famous Freeze turned 15 this year and the brand celebrated with a lounge dedicated to the drink, as well as an exclusive new flavor: The Baja Blast Birthday Freeze. The team says the drink was super refreshing, yet sour and had little candies floating at the bottom that you got with each sip.

Luxury Rooms

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The hotel held 70 rooms with four different room types: king bed (standard view), king bed (pool view), two queen beds (standard view) and two queen beds (pool view). Each was decorated with Taco Bell decor like a full-wall mural and hot sauce packet pillows. 

Gift Shop

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The Taco Bell gift shop was filled with loads of swag, from t-shirts and swimsuits to pens and keychains.

Exclusive Menu

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Guests at The Bell got to try new and innovative foods from Taco Bell, like a Toasted Cheddar Club and an Avocado Toast-ada. There was also a “Baja Bar” that served specialty cocktails!

For even more views of the Taco Bell hotel, check out the video above.

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