Talented bike star turns his house into a trials wonderland

Austrian trials bike star Fabio Wibmer is cooped up at home just like everyone else. But Wibmer’s idea of working from home isn’t like most people’s.

Wibmer spent four weeks creating “Home Office,” a short film showcasing his latest bike tricks around his house. One trick featured in the video took him several hundreds of attempts to get right.

“I’m grateful to live in such a great house, as there’s a lot of space here and we also have a garden, which is a big advantage,” Wibmer told Red Bull. “So, I wrote down a few ideas and tried a lot of the tricks to see what was possible. Some of the tricks seemed impossible at first, but after more than 700 attempts they worked out.”

Wibmer’s video begins with him being told Austria is going under lockdown for the time being. After doing some household chores, the cyclist gets down to the real work.

First, he rides his bike off the roof and launches himself onto a mattress on top of a tree. No big deal. In another scene, he hops onto his roommate’s washing machine and does a flatland pinky that spikes the laundry basket into her arms — he seems like a fun, helpful roommate. He also uses a homemade see-saw to launch a trash bag into the bin. 

Wibmer’s film was viewed 1.9 million times on YouTube. Many users were shook by his daring creativity. 

“I would like to know how many things he broke in his home while filming this,” one user wrote

“I was genuinely scared that the glass would break in the scene where he jumps against it,” another said

“I just don’t understand how he does half these things or even comes up with them,” one person wrote

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