Bizarre Christmas lawn display sets social media ablaze

A Christmas lawn display featuring two talking Christmas trees went wildly viral on TikTok after user Brielle Faith shared a video of the outrageous decor.

The clip, which has been viewed over 19.5M times, depicts a suburban home’s decked-out holiday light show, which is centered around two brightly lit and very opinionated Christmas trees.

You see, unlike most seasonal decorations, these two trees loudly bicker with each other, with the larger tree asserting that the smaller tree is ruining the rest of the home’s coordinated light show by either starting it too early or by using the wrong colored lights.

Seriously, who put this guy in charge?

TikTokers are understandably delighted by the feuding firs, as well as the geniuses behind the display.

“These neighbors are the main characters,” one user wrote.

“Neighbors real lucky for that free show,” said another.

“This is how extra I want my future house to be,” commented a third.

The two talking Christmas trees also made their way to Reddit, where users uncovered a bit more about their backstory.

Apparently, the fighting tree dialogue is one of many customizable sequences people can download and sync with their very own light displays.

A full version of this particular sequence was posted to YouTube in 2015.

And thankfully, such a decoration won’t even keep your neighbors up at night, as the sound is typically transmitted via radio station.

“These are cool and all when you watch a video once, but I can only imagine what an absolute nightmare it is living next door to one of these,” one user pondered.

“It’s usually a radio station that you dial into to hear,” replied another. “No actual sound in the neighborhood. Kind of like a drive-in movie.”

Still, neighborhood traffic is certainly something to keep in mind when considering erecting a holiday display with this type of viral potential.

“I lived next to a neighbor that used to put up these kinds of displays and I moved specifically because of him. I will never again buy a house without talking to a few neighbors to ask if there’s anything like this on the street or even in the neighborhood,” shared one Reddit user. “People were always blocking my driveway, lined up on the street waiting their ‘turn.’ Absolutely no privacy at all. Even walking the dogs was a nightmare, you’d have 50 cameras on you.”

If all you want for Christmas is to throw caution to the wind and install your own talking trees, this exact sequence — called “Tree Intro 1” — can be downloaded here for free.

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