Tana Mongeau faces massive backlash over ‘disgusting’ apology video

Tana Mongeau sparked intense criticism after uploading a long-awaited apology video in which she addressed past “microaggressions” and “racist actions.”

The YouTube star, who has more than 5 million subscribers, first expressed her regret that this video has taken so long for her to make. Fans have been clamoring for an apology for months.

In a video she shared on September 4 titled “a long overdue apology,” she said she was sorry for “being such a big part of cancel culture for the entirety of her career,” and said she doesn’t deserve a platform for acting “in a gaslighting manner.”

Mongeau also expressed her “disgust” with “every single apology video” she’s ever made, and declared it was “far past the time” for her to take accountability for her actions.

Though she claimed that this apology would be different, it still was not met with good reviews from fans.

“Tana Mongeau’s new apology video puts Laura Lee’s to shame. It was obviously a script written by her team. She didn’t mean any of it,” one Twitter user wrote.

“Are you serious @tanamongeau? This is actually disgusting. I cannot believe that just came out of your mouth. do you not realize how f***** up that is,” another said.

As of September 7, the video has double the amount of “dislikes” than “likes” on YouTube.

Mongeau responded to the outrage over her apology by saying she would upload another explanatory video responding to her fans thoughts.

“You’re 100% right the way I’m talking in the video is nothing like the way I talk in my regular life,” she wrote in a tweet. “I was just scared of sounding upset or emotional or crying so I cut that all out. I don’t want people to think I was being emotional.”

She’s certainly taken her time to address issues in the past, so we’ll be staying tuned to see if anything comes of this.

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