Unpacking all the drama in Tana Mongeau’s ‘story time’ YouTube video

Tana Mongeau is no stranger to drama, and she’s also not shy about sharing it with her millions of followers.

On Dec. 8, the influencer decided to treat her fans to a scandalous story about how she caught her best friend hooking up with her man inside her own house.

In a 35-minute YouTube video titled “I CAUGHT MY BESTFRIEND HOOKING UP WITH MY MAN: a storytime/rant/scandal,” Mongeau detailed how her best friend — whom she codenamed “Mindy” — and her man at the time — whom she codenamed “Jeff” — ended up getting together behind her back.

Obviously, there are a lot of details to unpack, but here’s the gist of it: Right before all the betrayals happened, Mongeau went through a bad breakup with a musician who wrote a particularly brutal song about her. Then, over the course of a “draining” two weeks that began right around Halloween, she started hooking up with Jeff, whom Mindy seemed to be infatuated with.

“I was like, ‘She likes Jeff a little too much,'” Mongeau said about Mindy. “She’ll stay around and talk to him a little too much, she’ll laugh at his jokes a little too much. B**** I’m aware, I was always aware. I just didn’t think you’d do anything, Mindy.”

One night when Mongeau was feeling upset about her ex and the song he wrote about her, Mindy suggested that she invite Jeff over. Mongeau obliged — but when he came over, she noticed that he and Mindy were flirting very openly.

Then, that very night, Mongeau realized that Mindy and Jeff actually hooked up at her house. Not very subtle.

Who are the people in Mongeau’s story time?

Though Mongeau used codenames in her story time, fans were quick to figure out whom she was referring to in her tale.

For starters, the ex that she kept referring to appears to be the rapper Derek Smith, aka Mod Sun. The song he allegedly wrote about Mongeau is called “Karma.”

Next, we have Mindy and Jeff. At this point, most people have suggested that these disloyal friends are Brooke Schofield and Josh Grekin — and the former even confirmed as much.

“When the entire internet is attacking you for having s** with someone you absolutely DID NOT and the person accusing you ‘won’t release’ the imaginary security footage,” Schofield wrote in a TikTok posted in response to Mongeau’s video. (In her YouTube video, Mongeau claimed that she has security footage of the infidelity.)

On Dec. 10, Schofield also posted her own 18-minute YouTube video responding to Mongeau’s. In it, she confirmed that she did hook up with Grekin, though she refuted Mongeau’s timeline of events.

Schofield said that she only hooked up with Grekin because she thought Mongeau had hooked up with a girl she was interested in. She seems to show a lot of contrition for what happened and noted that she apologized to Mongeau several times, but she said that she’s been cut off from virtually everyone in her former friend group.

At this point, the situation is really just a he said, she said, though most people are siding with Mongeau.

“The AUDACITY,” one person commented on YouTube.

“How you didn’t get up and just start beating her a** I don’t know,” another added.

“‘MINDY’ is SO DISGUSTING,” a third wrote.

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