TikToker is spitting image of ‘Tangled’s’ Flynn Rider

This TikToker is basically a Disney character come to life. Even this face-scanning filter agrees. 

Flynn Rider is the cocky, swashbuckling heartthrob from the 2010 animated film Tangled who nabs Rapunzel’s heart. Now on TikTok the cartoon has come to life in the form of one influencer who goes by @flynnridertiktoks and sometimes, of course, “Eugene.” 

The influencer is well aware of his resemblance to the character as he often dons a white long-sleeved shirt, a blue vest, tan trousers and brown leather accessories. 

In one video, he “barged in” on two other influencers cosplaying as Rapunzel and her mother


Since the other one got taken down here’s this one 😢 #flynnrider #flynnridertiktok #tangled

♬ Nobody – Mitski

He also poked fun at the age difference between Flynn and Rapunzel, saying, “When you find out she just turned 18 and you’re 25,” as he ran down the street in horror. 

“When she knows how to use a frying pan,” he wrote in a caption, referencing Rapunzel’s propensity to hit Flynn with one. 

If you’re still not convinced, the influencer used a filter that “scans your face” to see which Disney character you resemble, and yes, he got Flynn Rider. 

“That’s kinda creepy,” he joked in the caption.

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