Man scores date with Target employee after flirting over customer support chat

A customer service inquiry at Target ended in a meet-cute love connection. Now TikTok is swooning over its new favorite couple, Jonah and Pablo. 

It all started when Jonah, a record collector, reached out to Target customer service over a damaged record. He was matched with a Target employee named Pablo over the customer support chat. Jonah was friendly and Pablo worked his magic to resolve the issue. But after they said their goodbyes things took a turn for the romantic. 

Jonah recounted the incident in a now-viral TikTok that has over 3.8 million views. 

“After I got my help and everything, they sent this message saying ‘Good day’ and I said, ‘You too.’ They said, ‘Bye’ — smiley face. And I was like, ‘Oh, that’s nice,’ and I said, ‘Bye bestie!’ They said, ‘You really made my day, thanks,'” Jonah said

It was from there that Jonah decided to shoot his shot. He asked Pablo if he was single and the two exchanged Instagram accounts. Pablo asked if he could DM Jonah with his permission and Jonah loved that Pablo was all about “consent.” Then they called each other “handsome” and scheduled a FaceTime date. 

“So who needs Tinder or Hinge when you need Target support?” Jonah said

BuzzFeed spoke to the pair and it turns out Jonah lives in Pennsylvania and Pablo in California. The two are taking things slow for now. 

“Who would’ve thought a conversation I had with a handsome customer could turn into this? Also, for everyone asking, you do not have to worry: I’m not going to be fired, but I truly appreciate all of your concerns!” Pablo told Buzzfeed

Jonah said that meeting a potential suitor in such an “unconventional” way has changed his perspective on dating and now believes he can find “the one anywhere.” 

“Right now, we’re just seeing where things go. We have an upcoming video-call date, which we are both really excited about. If things continue to go as well as they’ve been going, the next step is hopefully to meet up in person and go on a proper date,” Jonah told BuzzFeed.

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