Target customer is shocked by pickup order’s $250 substitutions: ‘There’s no way this is real’

A Target shopper made a rather confusing — and expensive — substitution for beauty blenders, and TikTokers are perplexed.

Target customer and influencer Sofia (@iamsofiabella) gained 4.8 million views, 693,000 likes and over 3,500 comments when she uploaded her recent shopping snafu to TikTok.

While we’ve seen shopping trips go sideways before — like the Goodwill experience so bad that a single mom swore she’d never shop there again — Sofia’s purchase has TikTokers double-checking their online and pickup orders.


The fact that he told me I was gonna love the substitutions too 😭💀

♬ original sound – Sofia Bella

In the video — captioned, “The fact that he told me I was gonna love the substitutions too 😭💀” — Sofia tells the story of an order substitution so confusing, it deserved its own viral moment.

“I just made a Target order … this is the stuff that came,” Sofia explains, holding up a bin full of assorted items. “One of the things I ordered were beauty blenders, two beauty blenders.”

Sofia then dips out of frame and begins scooting two large boxes into the shot. “Apparently they were out of beauty blenders, and my Target shopper thought beauty blenders were —”

Sofia then collapses into a fit of laughter, hardly able to get her words out. But finally, she manages, and she reveals the strange substitutions.

Confused, TikTokers took to the comments to ask Sofia for more details.

“So basically you got two blenders for a beauty blender price🫢🫣,” one user wrote.

Sofia clarified, “Nooooo they still charge the difference!!! so my $150 order turned into a $400 order💀💀💀”

“I had 120 orange dream bars show up…”

Other TikTokers commented to share their own confusing order substitutions.

“I ordered a box of fudge bars and they substituted them for 6 boxes of orange dream bars. I had 120 orange dream bars show up🥴😂,” one user wrote.

“I thought I won with ordering oat milk and they subbed FIVE BAGS OF OATS …. holy hell you win the substitute game,” another user shared.

“One time I ordered a variety chip box from Costco, they subbed out size 3 Kirkland diapers🙃,” one user commented.

“I ordered groceries from Costco once … I just needed diapers and baby formula …. I received toilet paper, and a bag of avocados 🙃🫣,” another Costco customer shared.

“one time I order melatonin 😴 and they brought me cough drops as a sub 😳,” one confused user wrote.

Considering the amount of orders shoppers likely have to fulfill, it’s no surprise that accidents happen from time to time. But thankfully, Sofia was able to have a good laugh over the mix-up (hopefully after getting a hefty refund).

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