Target customer faces backlash over ‘entitled’ in-store behavior: ‘Please don’t do this’

The Target-employee corner of TikTok is not a happy place to be right now.

A TikTok user is stirring controversy online after sharing how she chose to “redecorate” a display inside one of Target’s stores.

Kelsey Venkov shared her video on Oct. 29. In the clip, the TikToker explains how she encountered a “lonely” chair while shopping at the retail chain.

“It needed some love,” Venkov says in the video. “So I took it upon myself to decorate since all the decor was right there.”


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Venkov proceeds to show herself setting up a holiday-themed display around the chair, a process that involved moving several items from around the store.

The clip, which has more than 3 million views, was immediately met with backlash online. Target customers, retail workers and others all poured into the comments section to explain why they thought Venkov’s “redesign” was a problem.

Mainly, users made the point that Venkov simply created more work for the Target employees, who would have to put back everything she moved for her display.

“You’ve obviously never worked a retail job. Omg why,” one user wrote.

“As someone who works at Target, please don’t do this. It’s not your job and we have to put everything back,” another explained.

“Not you being so entitled you think Target needs you,” another added.

“How disconnected can you be?” another asked.

Venkov meanwhile, seemed surprised by the backlash. The TikToker told BuzzFeed that she thought her clip was “completely harmless” at the time — especially because she was only pulling items from the same section of the store.

“I didn’t feel like I was creating any extra work for employees,” she added. “I would understand if I was grabbing things from different departments and making a mess, but I didn’t.”

She also told BuzzFeed that she’s been receiving plenty of hateful messages and encouraged people to give others the “benefit of the doubt.”

After the clip went viral, Venkov returned to Target to see if her display was still there. As of Oct. 30, the employees had left the decorations untouched.


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