Woman lets friend tattoo her eyebrows and winds up with 4 of them: ‘How do you fail at this so bad?’

After letting her friend tattoo her eyebrows, this TikToker was left mortified. 

London-based influencer Abigail usually has dark, full eyebrows in her videos. The bold brow trend has become popular over the years thanks to Instagram, so her brows don’t seem unusual when they are filled in. However, Abigal revealed what her eyebrows look like when they aren’t penciled in. It turns out that her signature brows are the result of an eyebrow tattoo fail. 

“When you let your ‘mate’ tattoo your eyebrows,” Abigail said. “It be your friends who hate on you.” 

Abigail showed off her eyebrow tattoos. They looked well done except for one issue. Her new brows were inked much higher than her natural brows. So when her natural brows grew in, she appeared to have four eyebrows, with one pair just above the other. 

On most days, Abigail fills in the space between her natural and tattooed brows to create one large, fuller brow. 

Some users expressed their sympathies after having similar issues with eyebrow tattoos. 

“How do you fail at this so bad? I don’t understand,” a person wrote.

“Once you remove, if you do it in the future, make sure they do a pre-draw on your face for you to approve. I have been there. I feel for you,” someone commented

“Did you used to shave your hair off and then have them tattooed? Because that’s what I did, and now I look like this too,” another said

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