What did Tayler Holder do? TikTok star’s cease and desist drama explained

Tayler Holder is a 24-year-old musician and popular influencer on TikTok, YouTube and Instagram. He is also a member of the TikTok collective Hype House

This February, Holder has faced a personal and public backlash following multiple sexual assault allegations. While the matter is still unfolding and the victims are yet to publicly come forward, Holder has confirmed the allegations himself. Now his friends have abandoned him. 

Tayler Holder faces serious allegations

On Feb. 1, Holder appeared on the Barstool Sports BFFs podcast where he confirmed that there were allegations made against him.

“At the end of the day, you know, there’s a lot of stuff going on offline that should continue to be handled offline,” he said.

Tayler claimed the allegations were “vague” but that he did not take them “lightly” and added that he doesn’t agree with them.

On Feb. 2, Keemstar of the YouTube channel Drama Alert reported that a “trusted source” claimed Holder would soon be facing “serious allegations” from several victims. 

Holder accused of sending cease and desists letters to other influencers

In a Feb. 3 vlog, influencer Bryce Hall claimed Holder had sent him a cease and desist letter. The letter appeared to instruct Hall not to speak about Holder’s situation publicly. 

 “You know he sent me a cease and desist? He sent me a cease and desist and I’ll tell you right now, nobody’s talking about you bro,” Hall said. “I have never personally went out of my way to talk s*** about Tayler behind his back. If anything, I would say it to his face.”

TikToker Josh Richards claimed in a Hollywood Fix interview that Holder sent out 50 cease and desist letters and that someone offered to pay him $500 for one of the letters but he didn’t sell. 

Holder’s friends unfollow him 

Rumors spread that even before Holder publicly spoke about the allegations, those close in his inner circle had already begun to unfollow him on social media with more following after the BFFs podcast revelations. 

Josh Richards, Jordan Jones, Mian Twins, Jaden Hossler, Daisy Keech, Bryce Hall, Olivia Ponton and Charly Jordan, Holder’s ex, have all appeared to unfollow him. Some even posted cryptic messages alluding to the allegations as documented by the gossip Instagram account @defnoodles

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