Taylor Swift fans have major beef with Burger King

Burger King is facing a wave of backlash from a very specific corner of the internet: Taylor Swift fans.

The conflict, which some social media users are calling “silly” or “harmless,” began when the fast food chain responded to a tweet about the “Blank Space” singer.

Burger King I need to know, what’s your favorite Taylor Swift song,” a Twitter user named Audrey wrote.

“the one about her ex,” Burger King replied from its official account.

The joke implies, in short, that every Taylor Swift song is about one of her exes — something that has long been the subject of public interest and debate. However, many of the singer’s die-hard fans, often called “Swifties,” did not take the comment lightly.

“Be like Wendy’s and stream ‘Its nice to have a friend’ if you’re against [slut-shaming],” one Twitter user wrote.

“Burger King just committed social suicide,” another added.

The swarm of tweets even led to the hashtag #BurgerKingIsOverParty — a format often used on social media to publicize “canceled” celebrities — becoming a trending topic on Twitter.

Many social media users were extremely confused by the campaign, though. Several began using the hashtag ironically, or even to shame others for reacting so strongly to a joke.

“I love Taylor, but what the f***? It is a joke! Do people not know what a joke is?” one user asked.

“It’s insane that you’re cancelling Burger King for what was nothing more than a harmless joke,” another added.

Internet debates aside, Burger King seems ready to move past the drama. On May 28, the company asked its customers to “shake it off” with a Taylor Swift-referencing meal deal.

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