A ‘Folklore’-obsessed ‘Taylor Swift dad’ is taking over TikTok

A note to dads: If you want to get famous on TikTok, just start listening to Taylor Swift.

At least, that’s probably what Brooke Levine would say. The TikToker’s dad is apparently obsessed with Swift’s latest album — and now, the internet is obsessed with him, too.

Levine first shared a clip of her dad on July 30, less than a week after Swift dropped her latest album “Folklore.” The surprise record has received widespread praise from critics and fans — including Levine’s father.

“My dads obsession with Folklore is precious,” Levine captioned her first video.

In the clip, her dad is seen jamming to the album throughout their family’s house. He even apparently fell asleep while listening on the couch.

“Oh, my God,” Levine says as she zooms in on her sleeping dad.


My dads obsession with Folklore is precious ##taylorswift ##folklore ##WholeNewGame

♬ original sound – Brooke Levine

TikTok users immediately praised Levine’s father, calling him “amazing” and the best “Swiftie” (the word many Swift obsessives use to describe themselves).

“Omg I absolutely love this. He has TASTE,” one TikToker wrote.

“STOP I LOVE THIS,” another added.

“OK but I want to listen to Folklore and have tea with him,” another begged.

“PROTECT HIM AT ALL COSTS. Can we go together with him to a show?” yet another wrote.

It’s unclear how much Levine’s dad knows about his viral fame. Honestly, he seems like he’s too busy listening to “Folklore” to care.

Levine posted another clip a few days later, in which her father gives an in-depth analysis of the record during a phone call. Later, he adorably eats a bagel while enjoying “Cardigan,” which is the second song on the album.

“Bagels. Lox. And Folklore,” Levin’s dad states simply.


just an update on my dads Taylor Swift obsession 🥺 ##taylorswift ##folklore

♬ original sound – Brooke Levine

Levine told TikTok users her dad’s favorite song on the album is “Invisible String,” a track about Swift’s exes and how they set her on a course to met her current boyfriend: actor Joe Alwyn.

As Levine shows in another video, her dad is not the biggest fan of the song “Exile,” which features Bon Iver.

“I prefer the ones that are all Taylor,” he explains in the clip.

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