Taylor Swift had the best response for a stan who ‘missed’ her latest album drop

Stanning Taylor Swift is a full-time job.

That’s a fact one 16-year-old had to learn the hard way. The teenager, named Delphine, runs a popular Twitter page dedicated to Swift’s music.

On July 18, Delphine announced to her followers that she was going away on a camping trip and would be offline for two weeks.

“I’ve already tweeted about this before but i will be without my phone or any wifi the next two weeks,” she wrote. “If taylor decides to do something big please yell at me in my dm’s and don’t unfollow me for inactivity xxx.”

Delphine’s timing couldn’t have been worse. Less than a week later Swift announced the surprise release of her eighth studio album, “Folklore.”

The album dropped to rave reviews, and Delphine’s tweet immediately went viral. The teenager, who lives in Belgium, became known as “camping girl” while her friends — and eventually Swift herself — reached out to her.

A few hours after the 16-year-old returned from her trip, on July 30, she was still grappling with her newfound fame. That’s when Swift chimed in.

“Welcome back from your trip! We are all somber woodland fairies now. Feel free to grab a wicker basket and join us!” Swift wrote to her fan.

The whole experience “felt like a fever dream” and left Delphine “literally shaking,” according to her tweets.

“Taylor alison swift finding out about my existence because i went on a camping trip is probably the most me thing to EVER happen to me,” she added.

Delphine spent the following days tweeting her reactions to the new record, which, naturally, she adored.

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