Teach toddlers practical life skills with fun pom-pom sweeping game: ‘Why have I never thought of this?’

This mom’s clever pom-pom game teaches kids practical skills to help them learn how to clean up after themselves.

Celena Kinsey (@celenakinsey) is a TikToker and parent who frequently shares videos of DIY projects and sensory play activities. Kinsey recently posted a video showing how she uses a “pom-pom game” to teach her son to sweep up messes

In the video, the creative mom takes to the camera to show their step-by-step process for incorporating playtime with practical skills. First, she tapes a square on the floor with painter’s tape. Afterward, she scatters pom-poms and other small items around the area. 

She then gives her son a toddler-sized broom to “work on practical life sweeping skills and sweep the pom-poms into the square.” 

Finally, she gives him a small dustpan and brush to collect the pom-poms and put them back in the container. “We’re still working on that,” Kinsey jokes over footage of her adorable son trying to pour pom-poms into a tiny plastic container as a few of them scatter around the room. 

Viewers all over TikTok loved the practical playtime idea. 

“Why have I never thought of this? Genius, thank you,” commented one user. 

“Awesome skills to build. My kids love helping with sweeping,” another person shared. 

“I work with older kids with ASD [Autism Spectrum Disorder], and this is genius. Sweeping can be sort of an abstract concept for them,” someone else noted. 

“Pro tip: what they put them in at the end should be the size of, if not bigger, than the dustpan bottom just like ours as adults. Great job,” advised one playtime expert. 

As Kinsey shows, there are many fun ways to incorporate creative problem solving into your child’s routine. Learning practical skills such as sweeping in early childhood can help foster self-autonomy and motivation in all areas of development.

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