Teacher surprises students by asking them to be in her wedding in the sweetest way: ‘What a special memory for those kids’

This 5th grade teacher shared the emotional moment she asked her students to be her junior bridesmaids and groomsmen at her wedding!

Alexandra McDowell (@alexandrastamps) is a 5th grade teacher and TikToker who shares everything from classroom crafts and hacks to videos of her daily life. When Alexandra got engaged to her now-husband, she immediately knew she wanted her students to play a role in her wedding, so she decided to invite them to be junior bridesmaids and groomsmen! 

Alexandra shared a video of the emotional moment she invited her students to her wedding!

The video begins with a shot of Alexandra standing outside of her classroom. “I’m about to ask my students to be part of my wedding,” she explains.

In the next shot, Alexandra carefully places her phone atop a desk in her classroom. Then, she walks to the center of the room and begins addressing her students. “Okay, so I have a really important question to ask you guys,” she says. “First, I want to ask the girls… Will you be my junior bridesmaids in my wedding?” 

As she speaks, Alexandra turns and picks up several strings of fake pearls decorated with slips of pink paper. The moment she finishes her question, the girls in the class begin to applaud and chant, “Yes! Yes! Yes!”

Next, Alexandra delivers her invitation to the boys. “My next question is for the boys,” she says. “Will you be my junior groomsmen?”

Once again, the kids begin to cheer and applaud, chanting, “Yes! Yes! Yes!” 

The video ends with a shot of Alexandra’s students celebrating her engagement. The kids jump up and down in excitement and cheer, while some of the girls are teary-eyed. 

Viewers couldn’t get enough of the teacher’s sweet wedding invitation. 

“One in a million teacher who loves her students!” wrote one viewer. 

“I’m crying. You were meant to be a teacher! What a special memory for those kids!” commented another TikToker

“So many core memories,” wrote another viewer. 

In a follow-up video, Alexandra shared footage of her students celebrating with her at the wedding! It’s clear that Alexandra adores her students and that having them participate in her wedding was extremely meaningful to students and teacher alike! 

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