‘Genius’ fifth-grade teacher uses simple DIY to give classroom bulletin board a major upgrade

A teacher gave her classroom’s bulletin board a stunning makeover with this simple hack

Our environment can affect our moods. When kids are learning they definitely want to feel good about the space they are in. An unsightly classroom may not exactly inspire young people to learn and give things their all. 

One elementary school teacher shared how she spruced up her classroom with a few inexpensive supplies like tissue paper and string lights. TikToker @reannametcalf teaches fifth grade in Louisiana. 


Saw a genius #teacher do this and I jumped on the chance! Loving my new bulletin boards! #backtoschool #teachertok #5thgrade

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“Saw a genius teacher do this and I jumped on the chance! Loving my new bulletin boards,” @reannametcalf said

She stacked assorted colors of tissue paper together, then cut them into thirds lengthwise. Next, she stapled the strips together down the middle and folded them in half lengthwise. 

On the opposite side of the fold, the teacher cut vertical strips to create a fringe effect. She opened up the fold to reveal all of the festive colors. Then she twisted the strip every few segments to fan the fringes out. 

When she had enough strips of the fringe, she stapled them around her bulletin board to create a decorative frame. Finally, the teacher added string lights for an extra bit of flare. 

The easy tutorial racked up 4.3 million views on TikTok.

“It’s actually illegal for your bulletin board to be this cute,” a user joked

“I absolutely loved being a class that was decorated. It always made me feel better and happy to be there,” another said.

“I always loved when teachers decorated their rooms,” someone added

“You teachers absolutely DO NOT get paid enough!!” another user commented.

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