Teacher has ‘secret hideout’ hidden in plain sight in classroom

A teacher showed off her secret hiding place in her classroom — and it’s genius. 

We’ve all had times at work where we wish we could just slip away to gather ourselves. Teacher and TikToker Emma created a getaway in her own classroom for whenever she feels like “hiding from people.” The secret spot probably isn’t up to the building code, but that’s why it’s a “secret.” 


sometimes you just need to hide from people 🤫 #foryou

♬ original sound – Emma

“When you have a secret hideout in your classroom,” Emma wrote in the video caption

The teacher’s classroom wasn’t exactly standard architecture. It was a large A-line building with gaps between the walls and ceiling. Emma climbed up a counter onto a row of overhead cabinets. 

From there, she reached an elevated area above the door. It was a crawl space with beanbag chairs and supplies for lounging. The teacher had successfully created the perfect nook with an epic view of the classroom. 

“Sometimes, you just need to hide from people,” she said in the caption

“So teachers really do live in their classrooms,” someone joked

“You should get a substitute and sit up there and watch how your class acts,” another suggested

“That would 100% be my go-to nap spot,” a person commented

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