Teacher stuns TikTok with simple math hack: ‘That’s so much easier’

One math teacher from London is proving you can actually learn a lot on TikTok

Miss Chang of Maths With Miss Chang gives quick tutorials on easy math hacks. She really knows how to make a millennial wish social media was around back in the day. 

Take her tutorial on how to multiply fast for example. Chang used the example of 41 x 31. She multiplied the 4 and the 3 to get 12. This is the first part of the answer. Then 1 x 1 to get 1, the last part of the answer. She multiplied 1 by 3, then 4 by 1. Finally, Chang adds the two answers, 3 and 4, to get 7. The final answer is 41 x 31 = 1271. 

In one video with over 1.1. million views, she showed how to easily do the whole 13 multiplication table. Chang drew a table with three rows of three. She labeled each box with a number from 1 to 11, excluding the numbers 4 and 8, going from left to right. Then she added a second number, from 1 to 9, in each box, from bottom to top, starting from the bottom-left corner.

Then there’s the educator’s most popular video on how to multiply Japanese style. Chang drew parallel lines that represent each integer of the first number and perpendicular parallel lines that represent each integer of the multiplier (the second number in the equation). Then Chang drew dots at every point the lines intersected, divided them into three quadrants and counted the groups of dots to get the answer 42 x 21 = 882. 

The video racked up over 25 million views. 

“That made more sense than the multiplication that I learned in the U.S.” one user commented

“That’s so smart, I wanna do that,” another said.

“Wait, that’s so much easier,” someone wrote

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