Teacher shares how she teaches Black history to 5-year-olds: ‘I wish I had a teacher like you growing up’

This kindergarten teacher shows TikTok how fun Black History Month can be for her students. 

Miss Silver spent the entirety of February teaching her 5-year-old students about prominent figures in Black history. The exercise culminated in each classmate giving a presentation about their favorite history-maker. The results were nothing short of inspired. 

“So, this is how I teach Black history to 5-year-olds,” Miss Silver explained. “At the beginning of the month, I introduce to people who have changed history like Lewis Latimer [inventor], Guion S. Bluford, the first [African American] man in space.” 

Miss Silver talks to her students about how each figure changed history, and, every other day, the class learns about a new person. 

“At the end of the month, my students will pick a person they were most interested in and do a presentation on them,” she said

Some students dressed up as their favorites, like Jesse Owens, while others made artful presentations about historical figures, like Maya Angelou. Inspired by aerospace engineer Mary Jackson, one student even made a functioning wind tunnel. 

Miss Silver added, “Every year, I am impressed by my students!” 

“I wish I had a teacher like you growing up. That’s amazing. I wish I was taught more about Black history in middle and high school,” a person commented

“I’m going to start doing something similar with my son at home!” another said

“I love this so much because I didn’t have that when I was in kindergarten,” a user wrote

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