Teacher hilariously uses ‘The Office’ quote to get rowdy class to pay attention

Everybody respects a teacher who runs a tight ship — but the ones that make it fun along the way are the most beloved. 

One teacher on TikTok, who goes by Nat, uses her feed to show how she keeps her classroom of elementary school students interested. The teacher finds clever ways to incorporate pop culture into her lessons and routines so that learning is always exciting. 

“Ways I get my kids to stop talking and listen,” Nat wrote in the caption. 

The teacher wore a face mask and used a headset to project her voice. The kids were being rowdy because, well, they’re kids. Nat needed to get their attention. Luckily, she had already taught her students this handy call-and-response trick

“Identity theft is not a joke, Jim,” Nat announced over the mic. 

“Millions of families suffer every year,” the chorus of children quickly responded

The kids’ quick answer showed that they were now alert. Then, Nat was free to give the students their directions about packing up and assignments. 

“For those asking about the mic, it saves my vocal cords, and I got it on Amazon,” Nat explained in the comment section. 

The teacher’s trick is a joke from an episode of The Office where Jim impersonates Dwight, who accuses him of identity theft. TikTokers viewed Nat’s video 14.9 million times. 

“I love young teachers because they do this instead of screaming ‘be quiet,'” one person said

“That’s a professional – in charge but with the mutual respect to listen and speak their language,” someone commented

“I need to use this at home when my kids ignore me,” another joked

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